The Man Made Mountain - The Siege of Cusco 1536-1537


By the 1530's the conquest of the so-called new world and the age of discovery were both well underway. The wave upon wave of Spanish and Portuguese adventurers that had been crossing the Atlantic in search of wealth and fame had for decades brought the Christian god and death to the people of Central and South America. From the islands of the Caribbean to the cenotes of the Yucatan, Spanish steel and smallpox had destroyed the unprotected populations of entire cities. The complete lack of immunity to European disease and the weakness of or absence of armament made the native civilizations particularly vulnerable. 

The Spanish attempt at controlling all of Central and South America involved relatively small armies with massive objectives. The Pizarro Brothers set out with a few hundred men and planned to topple the as of yet unknown Inca Empire. Through ruthless diplomacy and deadly European tools and methods of warfare, the Spanish found themselves fighting and often winning against overwhelming numerical superiority. After taking the Inca king, Pizarro aimed for the Inca capital if Cusco believed to be dripping in riches. The wealth of the Inca was his for the taking. First Pizarro and his men would need to capture an astonishingly mighty fortress, and then they would need to survive!