"Who Dares Wins" The Raid on Entebbe

In this battlecast we cover the daring 1976 hostage rescue at the Entebbe Airport. In Israel's long history dealing with terrorism this hour long hostage rescue may just be it's shinning moment. Flawless execution and precise timing combined to save the lives over 100 hostages. Only losing one man, the team leader Yoni Netanyahu, Israel's crack rescue team became the model for all nation's on how to deal with terrorism. Get stuck in!

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Cullen Burke
The Battle of Culloden

Used in both scotland and ireland the highland charge was a highly effective method of attack between 1644 and 1746, winning as many as 8 major battles. Speed and the use of firearms as an offensive weapon were key, up until this point guns were seen as basically a better form of spear, it kept your enemy away and could stop most anything in front of it. The highland charge flipped this notion of static defense by lining up in formation and then advancing quickly to within 60 -20 yards, at that point they would fire a wild but close volley, toss there muskets to the side and charge at full tilt screaming and yelling to distract and disorient, basically the equivalent of a flash bang grenade.

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